When riding do you feel like a snake, a bull or a chameleon? There is no doubt that we are not all the same and Fizik tries to differentiate themselves into these three macro-classes of physical structures to find the best posture based on flexibility and pelvic rotation. It is well known that the saddle is the most appreciative object we have on our beloved bicycle: this is our body's most direct contact point to the bike and for this it is essential that the combination is biochemically perfect. The athletes from the World Tour Teams knows what its about, they spend hours upon hours riding their bikes every day: claiming the best performance from the saddle, they choose to ride Fizik.
Over the years, the Vicenza brans has become one of the symbols of the Made in Italy in the cycling industry, evolving until today's realization of everything we could call the "cockpit" of the bicycle. all those components and accessories that transmit pedalling sensations through direct body contact: starts from the saddle, with an infinite range of typologies and sizes: the most famous models are Arione, Antares and Aliante in many variants. Let's proceed going through from Cyrano line handlbars, stems, bar tape, shoes,
Beauty, speed and passion are the sensations that a Fizik products transmits. It is perceived by the high quality of construction materials, such as carbon fibres materials and the extreme differentiation of saddles, which are always the core business of the company: different widths, lengths and profiles for a perfect ergonomic fit to find the best feeling during a ride. It is no coincidence that they are chosen by many professional road and mountain biking champions.








Great price for item I was seeking to buy. Ordered, dispatched quickly and arrived in good time. Recommended.

Mar 29, 2022

Wow! Great pricing, product range, & super quick freight!!!

I can’t remember exactly how I stumbled across this online retail site, but jeez, I’ve been 100% impressed with Lordgun. Pricing & product availability is excellent, and the speed of international ...

Dec 22, 2021

Very Happy with service

Like a lot of people always a bit skeptical of on-line websites for first use - but my Helmet arrived in a week - super happy with price and service. Bravo Grazie Mille. Chris - Sydney

May 05, 2021