Security and Transparency


Security is an important aspect if not THE most important aspect during an online purchase..
We use the latest technology to make sure your details are kept safe, like firewall or other dedicated protective systems. Every time personal information in exchanged from our Lordgun website to your personal computer, it all happens by through a encrypted https SSL 256 bit connection(to make sure of a secure connection use our official LordGun website - making sure that a padlock icon is visible besides the web address or that the address starts off with An SHA-256 RSA system is used which is actually the most secure means using an encrypted system to make sure information is only from server to client, not being intercepted by third parties.

Every time a payment is made, depending on the payment method, different security protocols are used (for further information please visit the page payment methods). In either way, no information will be recorded in our database and this no operator will be able to access these. It is important to note that LordGun will never ask for your password, account or credit card details via by email. You may be requested by telephone (except any passwords, which you will never be asked even on the phone) from an operator only after verifying the identity. If you receive any requests, suspicious emails or dubious websites under LordGun identity we ask you to please report it

The majority of online payment methods are secure and fast and when any online theft is made this is because of certain procedures that are not kept in mind, bear in mind these listed notes:

  • an up-to-date computer system
  • antivirus/antispyware active and up-to-date
  • if you are in a public place like a university or internet café remember to disconnect (Log out) from your account
  • internet browser up-to-date and email software will anti-spam filter
  • use a password with at least 8 characters combining letters in lower and upper-case, numbers and special characters which are not easily traceable personal or other information (for example: birth dates, birthplace, children names, animals names etc.....). The password should not be written down anywhere and should be different to other internet passwords. For greater security we suggest you to change your password frequently and that you always logout at the end of a session.

For further information or doubts please contact us


We guarantee our customers:

  • Real-time product availability: Corresponding to the warehouse (unless other errors or indications)
  • Competitive prices
  • Product testing
  • Optimal search engine to quickly find any article
  • Organized product descriptions which are constantly updated
  • Ease during the purchasing process
  • Clear and evident information confirming your order
  • Shipping within the specified time period together with a tracking number
  • Receiving of products in good condition
  • Notification on product status
  • Assistance if you encounter any problems with the courier
  • Possibility of cancelling your order for the majority of the products
  • Conditions and clear instruction for any returns
  • Quick refunds








Great Service

No complaints here, competitive pricing and super fast shipping from Italy to Australia. Ordered on Sunday night and arrived on Thursday.

Jun 04, 2024


Very good.

Mar 05, 2024

Superb ordering experience!

The one thing that I don’t like about the website is that the photos of items on subsequent pages don’t load until you scroll to them. Until the new items load, they stay the same as the previous p...

Dec 14, 2023