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Use of website practicality 5 5
Quality of service 5 5

Super Fast Shipping and awesome product.

I thought this was an Australian website with but hey it didn't matter as it came faster from Italy than product comes from Melbourne. Great price, great product and amazing service with awesome communication and tracking. Definitely ordering more from here.

Mar 19, 2021
Use of website practicality 5 5
Quality of service 5 5

Great Help, Great Prices.

I found these guys whilst doing a search for some gravel wheels. Seemed to good to be true, but everything checked out and I went ahead with the order, (after multiple queries via email), which was a great help. Fast delivery to Australia and no extra costs along the way. It was even tracked through Aus Post from departure. Will use again when needed.

Mar 02, 2021
Use of website practicality 5 5
Quality of service 5 5

Genuine Guys

Ok, i was a little skeptical, I have moderate experience in buying bike stuff from all over but mostly from Australian shops both bricks and mortar and online retailers. I was looking for Sram groupset components, no one has much. Came across LordGun, had seen the website before but not purchased. Read the reviews, still not sure. Prices very competitive...hmmmm. Anyway, long story short. These guys delivered my genuine sram box of components in under a week, from Italy to Australia, no hiccups. Yes I had to pay import duties and GST, (went with DHL - very good) this brought total cost to still below Australian suppliers. So what can I say.. I'm impressed, this is a reputable outfit dealing in genuine equipment who keep me informed with emails throughout the wait for a very speedy delivery. 5 stars .

Feb 11, 2021
Use of website practicality 5 5
Quality of service 5 5

Excellent Service and Prices to Australia

I recently discovered LordGun and ordered several items for delivery to Australia. I have used 2 other major cycling websites in the past, but found the LordGun prices cheaper (even with the postage) and the delivery of the products was very efficient. I will buy from LordGun again when my other 'stock alert' products are back in stock;)

Feb 06, 2021
Use of website practicality 5 5
Quality of service 5 5

Great products and fast delivery

I just received my first order from Lordgun and everything was great from the ordering process to postage and delivery. I would recommend Lordgun based on my experience with them.

Feb 01, 2021
Use of website practicality 1 5
Quality of service 1 5

Poor Service and Poor in General

The website sold me on a set of Deda DaVinci aero bars that they were selling me makes no reference to the sizing being different to all of the world wide manufacturers who use centre to centre measurements. They asked for multiple photos as even they were confused and advised me they even thought it was packaged wrong indicating they agreed. When I recieved the product it was wrong it was actually a 380mm bar centre to centre. Two weeks of back and forth with emails and photos I then get advised by Lordgun Info that “oh yeah sorry but it’s measured outer to outer on this set and it’s not there problem” and then they sent me a link to “Deda website” not “Lordgun” whom I purchased the product from. They then expect me to suck it up after a $400 purchase that they cocked up on their website. As a consumer if I select wrong I own the mistake however if the seller falsely misrepresented the product and they recieved the proceeds of the sale then they own the liability. If you expect someone else to swallow this not our problem story your dreaming.. I want a reasonable response and solution not the it’s not our problem and sending me a link to someone else’s website.

Oct 23, 2020
Use of website practicality 5 5
Quality of service 2 5

I have emailed and am awaiting a response.

I emailed you two days ago and you have not responded to my emails. For an online store this is exceptionally poor. Also, if you can tell me when my order is going to be despatched that would be good!! Buying goods online is partially a trust issue when buying from a new retailer. Your communication or lack thereof does not engender trust

Sep 27, 2020
Use of website practicality 5 5
Quality of service 1 5

Lordgun cancelled my order and did not refund me the full amount

Placed an order for a Mavic wheel set on 03/07/2020 and for no reason it has been cancelled. I paid in Aud and only a portion has been returned but lordgun cancelled my order Why was this cancelled and why was the full money not returned

Jul 13, 2020
Use of website practicality 3 5
Quality of service 1 5

Not a good experience.

I am in Australia, I ordered with on 6/5/20 and the order was dispatched on the 7/5/20, with the below: When I ordered it was marked to see the goods from 7-10 days. When I look up the tracking number the goods still look to be sitting in Milano Gateway Poste Italiane. Do you have any more information in regards to my parcel, you where going to look into this on the 9th June that was 21 days ago and you have not got back to me with any information. When looking at the tracking number it still looks to me that it has not left Milan ( 2020-05-07 08:27 MILAN (IT), Arrived at facility ) as you can see the last update is for it arriving at the facility not being sent outbound. This has been the worst experience I have ever had with any sender and I will not be recommending you to any one moving forward at this point in time.

Jun 30, 2020