Wilier Triestina Filante SLR Disc frame

Improve your riding position

Correct positioning in the saddle is one of the most important issues for cyclists, especially for competitors and long-distance cyclists. While with steel bikes, it was relatively easy to measure the length of the tubes, as the years passed, and with the introduction of sloping top tubes, defining measurements has become increasingly complex. So, in addition to the classic values of height, length and angles, we now consider reach & stack data, and horizontal and vertical distance values between the centre of the bottom bracket and the centre of the upper part of the head tube. But modern bicycles like Filante's SLR, Wilier Zero SLR, Cento10 SL, Cento10NDR, Wilier 0 SL have made measurement even more complex, since they are complete and complex systems based on the combination of the frame, handlebar spacers and monocoque handlebars. When buying a bike, it is essential to know the size of every bike element based on your body size and shape.


Easy-fit spacers
The spacers between the frame headset and the handlebar are made of a high-stiffness composite material, with a special cavity for the cables. They are composed of two parts for quick assembly and disassembly without interfering with the cables running from the handlebar to the frame.

Balanced design
Six sizes, one feeling. The sections of the tubes of various sizes were designed to maintain consistent rigidity, handling quality and comfort on every frame size.