Why Sport Energy Fruit Jelly bar

Energy has never tasted so good

Tired of heavy energy bars? Lightness and taste are the main features of Energy Fruit, the perfect energy bar for recharging your batteries in everyday life, while you are training or after your workout session. The perfect mix of high-quality fruit, high-energy carbohydrates and a texture that will amaze your taste buds! Softness, taste and lightness come together for an endless energy boost.

The sweet taste of performance
Energy Fruit bars are the ideal companions for any sporting activity and for all those who want to reach their sporting goal without a drop in performance! We recommend 1 bar before competition or training and 1-2 bars per hour during exercise.


  • Jelly consistency
  • Soft fruit
  • Ready-to-use energy
  • Vegan Friendly

Apricots (24%); quinces (24%); concentrated grape juice; glucose syrup; rice flour; gelling agent: agar-agar; natural flavouring; preservative: potassium sorbate. May contain traces of soya, celery and mustard. gluten-free.