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Roval CL 50 Disc wheelset

Roval CL 50 Disc wheelset Roval CL 50 Disc wheelset Roval CL 50 Disc wheelset Roval CL 50 Disc wheelset
Roval CL 50 Disc wheelset
Roval CL 50 Disc wheelset
Roval CL 50 Disc wheelset
Roval CL 50 Disc wheelset

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An affordable set of racing wheels

After designing the CLX 50s, at Roval realized that an affordable, race-worthy carbon wheelset was nowhere to be found—until the CL 50 Disc was developed, that is. They paired their quiver-killing CLX 50 Disc rim with DT Swiss Competition round spokes, Aero Flange Disc hubs with DT Swiss 350 internals, and steel bearings to deliver you an exceptional wheelset at a more than accessible price.

Why disc you ask? With Rovals disc-specific rims, you not only ditch the brake track, but you get a stronger, more impact-resistant rim. This comes at the hands of a disc-specific carbon layup that optimizes stiffness and keeps weight as close to its rim-brake brethren as possible. And all the while, you get incredible brake modulation and power in all conditions.
Sharing rims with the CLX 50s, the CL 50s feature many of the benefits as their higher-end siblings. Even though the CL 50 is similar in weight to many wheels in the “lightweight” category, aerodynamics came at the forefront of the development. With this, they jumped headlong into Computational Fluid Dynamics computer modelling to arrive at various rim shapes that could make the CL 50 as fast and light as possible. It took a while, but Roval engineers narrowed the rim shape down to three contenders that were then CNC machined into rims, built into wheels, and put into the Win Tunnel.

In the tunnel, they tested every wheel, Roval's and the competition's, with a 24C tyre (measuring 26C), as tyres can drastically affect testing. This modern-width tyre allows for designing the Roval rims around, because they not only allow for less tyre pressure (which results in more comfort and less rolling resistance) but are also just as aerodynamically efficient when paired with the correct rim width.

Now it was time for final testing validation. The result? A 50 mm-deep, 1515-gram wheelset that's race-ready and wallet-friendly.


  • Rim type: Carbon clincher/2Bliss Ready.
  • Rim material: Carbon.
  • Rim depth: 50 mm.
  • Rim width: 20.7 mm internal, 29.4 mm external.
  • Front hub: Roval AFD1, Centerlock, sealed bearings, QR or 12 mm thru-axle end cap.
  • Rear Hub: Roval AFD2, Centerlock, sealed bearings, DT Swiss 350 internals, 11-speed, QR or 142x12 mm thru-axle end cap.
  • ront spoke pattern: Radial/Two-cross (2:1).
  • Rear spoke pattern: One-cross/Two-cross (2:1).
  • Spoke count front/rear: 21/24.
  • Spoke type: DT Swiss Competition Race T-head.
  • Nipple type: DT Swiss Competition Race T-head.
  • Assembly: Hand-built.


Built by humans, not machines
There is an art to building a wheel, one a machine simply can’t master. Roval wheels are hand-built to ensure the quality and integrity of the product. From design and engineering, all the way to the final execution, there's simply no substituting the hands-on experience and meticulous attention to detail a human being brings to the whole process. The true craft of hand-building a wheel really shines through when it comes to the slew of judgment calls that need to be made at the time of the build itself. The assembly of individual parts, the balance of tension, roundness, and straightness of the wheels, these are the key components that ensure a well balanced and high quality wheel.

Making a wheel aerodynamic so that it will “slice through the wind” and add speed to your ride doesn’t just come down to the shape. The whole system: the weight of the wheel, stability, braking, and construction also needs to be considered. With all this in mind, Roval constantly creates computer simulations and designs to test models against certain performance parameters. After these simulations and tests in the Win Tunnel, they also test their wheels in the real world. And while Roval consider combinations of weight, speed, and stiffness for multiple experiences, they also look to maximise the aerodynamic benefits for every road wheel throughout the line during this process.

Rigorously tested
Before a Roval wheel design ever goes into production it goes through multiple levels of testing, both in their engineering test lab and in the real world. Wheels are subjected to assembly and cut inspections; impact, stiffness, and blow-off testing; set up on machines to simulate and measure wheel fatigue over thousands of rotations; spoke pull out tests, and brake heat tests. The results from these lab tests are combined with real-world testing to ensure the Roval wheel you end up with is of the highest quality it can be.

System design and build
A Roval wheel is built on a system with keeping design in mind. Their team doesn’t focus on individual pieces of the wheel and look at how each part affects the others.For example: while the 32 keep the weight light and ensures stiffness for the overall system, Roval uses thicker gauge spokes on the non-drive side at a penalty of only seven grams. Why? That stiffness would have cost 20 g on the rim.

Roval drive systems are manufactured to the highest quality, due to their partnership with DT Swiss. These drive systems are Swiss-engineered for high tolerance, quality, reliability and predictable engagement, plus they are tool-free for easy maintenance. This partnership gives them design and engineering freedom backed with the manufacturing quality they require for all Roval wheels.


  • 6x Tubeless rim plugs.
  • 2x Rim tapes (already mounted).
  • 2x Roval steel Quick-releases.
  • 4x QR end caps (2x rear, 2x front).
  • User manual.

Not included

  • Thru-axles.
  • Tubeless valves.
  • Valve mounting tool.
Product code 30018-5700
Rear wheel spokes 24
Front wheel spokes 21
Hub material Aluminium
Rim material Carbon
Rim width 18c
Rim profile 50 mm
Front wheel real weight 710 g
Rear wheel real weight 875 g

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