Proaction Jam bar

Jam Fruit 94% is a real fruit energy bar with no added sugar and a high fibre content. Thanks to its special composition of 94% fruit, Jam Fruit is the perfect combination of an energy gel and an energy bar.

It is ideal for all endurance, medium duration or stop-and-go athletes who need fast-absorbing carbohydrates and immediate energy for physical performance. Jam Fruit is in fact based on date paste, fig paste, sultanas and plums, all of which are high-energy foods.

Jam Fruit 94% is an easy-to-take, easy-to-digest energy bar developed to provide the body with energy. Jam Fruit 94% is ideal before or during physical activity to prolong the duration of exercise, to support particularly intense exertion, or immediately after exercise to promote energy recovery.

The intake of rapidly assimilated carbohydrates during medium and long-duration sporting activity helps maintain a constant blood glucose level to ensure optimum performance by supplying the muscles and body with the necessary fuel for intense physical effort. Constant energy during physical activity reduces fatigue and the risk of muscle tissue damage.


  • Medium/high calorie requirement
  • High digestibility
  • High shelf life requirement
  • Ease of use
  • Bars contain sugar
  • 30 g bar
  • Made of real fruit
  • Without added sugar
  • Fast-absorbing carbohydrate source


Lemon Tea: date paste 61%, fig paste 15%, sultanas 12%, vegetable oil (palm oil), apple powder 2.16%, apple concentrate 1.5%, dehydrated banana 1%, matcha tea powder 1%, lemon concentrate 1%, natural flavouring.

Tropical: Date paste 51%, fig paste 15%, sultanas 10%, plums (preservative: potassium sorbate) 6%, vegetable oil (palm oil), apple powder 3%, apple concentrate 2.03%, chia seeds (Salvia hispanica) 2%, dehydrated pear 2% (preservative: sulphur dioxide), mango powder 1%, dehydrated banana 1%, lemon extract 1.35%, natural aroma.

Raspberry: Date paste 50.5%, fig paste 15%, sultanas 12%, plums (preservative: potassium sorbate) 6%, vegetable oil (palm oil), apple powder 3%, dried apricot 2%, raspberry powder
1.3%, lemon concentrate 1.1%, dehydrated goji berries 1%, beetroot powder 0.5%, natural aroma.