Fulcrum Wind 40C C17 front wheel

Fulcrum Wind 40C C17 front wheel Fulcrum Wind 40C C17 front wheel
Fulcrum Wind 40C C17 front wheel
Fulcrum Wind 40C C17 front wheel

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Allround as the leitmotiv, performance as an ideal definition for Wind 40C: a racing wheel designed for everyday rides, on all roads, whether for training or a Gran Fondo with the group you usually go out with.

Its 40 mm full carbon unidirectional profile will be able to prove itself, providing what is needed: aerodynamic and stable in long stretches on the flat, light and agile in making the rhythm uphill, decisive and manageable in the most technical descents.
The balance and harmony between your racing bike and Wind 40C will be immediate: you put it on and begin to discover a new level of performance. To achieve this objective, Fulcrum's R&D department combined several of the most popular technologies available: the full carbon, unidirectional rim is built without holes for passage of the nipples, Mo-Mag™ therefore, ensuring maximum stiffness and reliability.

It promises braking like never before thanks to the AC3™ laser treatment on the braking track: laser processing allows the traces of resin to be eliminated from the surface in contact with the pads with a precision never seen before, improving behaviour in all conditions and up to 30% in the most complicated situations, in the rain.


  • Tyre type: Clincher.
  • Tyre size: 28".
  • Discipline: Road / Triathlon.
  • ASTM category: 1.
  • Rim material: Full carbon, UD (unidirectional) - carbon fiber finishing.
  • Profile height: 40 mm.
  • Rim width: 24,2 mm.
  • Inner rim width (channel): ETRTO 17C.
  • Tyre width: From 25 mm to 50 mm.
  • Braking system: v-brake.
  • Braking surface: "3K" carbon fiber braking surface with AC3 treatment.
  • Axle compatibility: QR.
  • Wheel spokes: 18 (9 left - 9 right).
  • Spokes material: Stainless steel, double butted.
  • Spokes profile: Aero, straight pull.
  • Nipples: Aluminum.
  • Hub: Aluminum, Aluminum flanges.
  • Sealed cartridge bearings.
  • Weight limit: 109 kg (Cyclist).


RDB™ Rim Dynamic Balance
The concept is simple and elegant: balance the weight of the gasket, with an item of similar weight placed on the exact opposite side.

For carbon bike wheels the principle is the same, but applied using a different technology. When making carbon bike rims, the pieces of carbon fabric are aligned in such a manner that the resulting rim is always balanced.

DRSC™ - Directionated Rim-Spoke Coupling
Exclusive rim/spoke coupling system. It allows the rim, spokes, nipples and hub to align properly with the same tensioning value in all areas.

Anti-Rotation System™
This new system raises the concept of spoking to a new level of performance for road bike and triathlon wheels ( and mtb too).
The Fulcrum® engineers have redesigned the spokes and the hub housings to create a solid and unmoveable whole. The result is that the spokes:

a) will never lose their initial tension, thus keeping the wheel perfectly reactive and centered;
b) will remain in the position that have been studied in the wind tunnel tests to ensure the best aerodynamic penetration possible.

F.I.C. Fulcrum Identification Card - 100% Handmade Quality
Right from its inception Fulcrum® has been marked by feature that continues to this day: that is to design, prototype and industrialize all the wheels characterized by the red “F”.
Indeed these take shape inside of the R&D, the leading-edge department that represents the beating heart of the Italian company.
Every single component of the wheel, the materials chosen and the technologies applied are the tangible result of the effort that Fulcrum® makes every day to give you maximum performance and reliability.

What Is This?
To ensure the best performance and reliability of its products, each project, before going in the production stage, must submitted to a series of severe tests that validate what has been conceived and designed up to that moment (fatigue test, crash test, tyre burst test, environment test, 100% manually assembled and electronically checked).
This is why, from its 2012 range, Fulcrum® wanted to supply each wheel with its own Identity Card (F.I.C.) which uniquely identifies the wheel and certifies that it has been manually assembled and has passed all tests required by the strict quality protocol.

A guarantee of quality. The keyword for Fulcrums products is: traceable.
If you find a little label attached to any Fulcrum® product, do not remove it. It will provide you a guarantee in case of an ascertained defectiveness of a production batch, and so the component needed or wheel will be traceable.
All this because, devoted to its mission, Fulcrum® demands the absolute perfection and safety for its customers.

AC3™ - All Conditions Carbon Control
For years, the issue of braking on carbon rims has been studied and technically updated, in accordance with progress made in research into materials and available finishing processes. AC3™ is a further step forward in this direction and it will enable surprising braking performance, especially in difficult conditions, when improvements become the base for a different way of cycling.

The Fulcrum R&D division has chosen to change its approach to braking track production, going from a mechanical process to one that uses micro laser incisions on the surface to eliminate resins and perfect roughness. In this way, braking directly exploits the brake pad’s contact on the fiber, improving grip and dissipation of water and moisture from the surface, allowing it to work immediately in ideal conditions and give better results.

Confidence and power grow, together with excellent modularity. Lab tests have shown that this greater force enables a 6% improvement in braking power in dry conditions compared to previously. In the wet, the difference is amazing: here there is a 43% increase, bringing braking distance close to those in dry conditions.


  • 1x QR.
  • 1x braking shoes set.
  • 1x tyre lever.
  • User manual.
Product code RW40-CF
Front wheel spokes 18
Rim width 17c
Rim material Carbon
Braking surface material Carbon
Hub material Aluminium
Rim profile 40 mm
Real weight 676 g

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