Fulcrum Rapid Red 5 DB 23C 2 Way Fit AFS 27.5" wheelset

The entire Fulcrum family of wheels is dedicated to producing quality and reliable wheels that are above all synonymous with speed. With the advent of newer and more versatile disciplines within the "road" category, bestowing that hallmark reliable speed and performance on wheelsets destined for a wide variety of conditions made for a special challenge for the Fulcrum engineering team. Previously dedicated to wheels with very specific and dedicated purposes in either Road or MTB settings the Fulcrum engineers collectively developed a solution that combines know how gleaned from both to create wheels that excel in their ability to take on not only the path less traveled, but all types of paths less traveled. The fruit of the collective engineering labor comes in the form of wheelsets which excel in their ability to provide versatile performance specific to those who don't want a specific type of terrain.

Fulcrum proudly introduces the Rapid Red wheel line, which represents a low profile solution for those cyclists who prefer not to be defined by one single type of riding. Somewhat difficult to label the Rapid Red wheelsets are the perfect mixed surface addition to the rider's ride who prefers a bit of everything. Their 23 mm inner channel allows for perfect compatibility with tyres ranging from 32 mm to 46 mm (700c) / 40 mm to 60 mm (650B) and the 2-Way Fit™Ready construction render them rideable with either tubeless  or clincher tyres. As the central theme to B-Road riding is versatility, the Rapid Red wheelsets offer not only a wide variety of tyres sizes and types (tubeless or clincher) but also the choice between 700c and 650B formats, thus ensuring perfect compatibility and ride tuning no matter the personal preference of each individual rider. From long distance road to mixed surface to scenarios more specific to "road plus" where larger tyres with better grip are necessary, all riders will find their perfect solution, or rather solutions, amongst the Rapid Red line up.

The disc brake specific wheelsets use an AFS™ standard and offer the same extreme reliability that riders have come to expect from Fulcrum wheelsets both for road and off road use. The sturdy, low profile aluminum rims measure a mere 24 mm both front and rear and, together with their 24 steel spokes and lightweight aluminum hubs, tip the scales at a decidedly respectable weight (1700 g (700c), 1640 g (650B). While efficient in terms of weight the tried and true Fulcrum quality construction applied to model specific designs the new Rapid Red's overall structure makes for a wheel sturdy enough to warrant the ASTM 2 category classification.

Built for the long haul the Rapid Red family seeks to offer the most versatile solution for those looking to take the path less traveled… be that path one characterized by mixed surfaces, technical and difficult trails or extremely long miles wanting for comfort. The new range offers the perfect specific solution for types of riding that aren't specific to any one single discipline, surface or ride type.


  • Tyre type: 2-Way fit Ready (for clincher and tubeless ready).
  • Tyre size: 27.5".
  • Discipline: B-Road (Gravel).
  • ASTM category: 2.
  • Rim material: Aluminum.
  • Profile height: 24 mm.
  • Rim width: 28 mm.
  • Inner rim width (channel): 23 mm.
  • Tyre width: From 32 mm to 46 mm.
  • Braking system: disc brake, AFS.
  • Front axle compatibility: HH15-100/HH12-100.
  • Rear axle compatibility: HH12-142.
  • Front wheel spokes: 24.
  • Rear wheel spokes: 24.
  • Spokes material: Stainless steel.
  • Spokes profile: Rounded, straight pull.
  • Nipples: Aluminum.
  • Front hub: Aluminum, Aluminum flange.
  • Rear hub: Aluminum, Aluminum flange.
  • Sealed cartridge bearings.
  • Weight limit: 109 kg (Cyclist).


F.I.C. Fulcrum Identification Card - 100% Handmade quality
Right from its inception Fulcrum® has been marked by feature that continues to this day: that is to design, prototype and industrialise all the wheels characterised by the red “F”.
Indeed these take shape inside of the R&D, the leading-edge department that represents the beating heart of the Italian company.
Every single component of the wheel, the materials chosen and the technologies applied are the tangible result of the effort that Fulcrum® makes every day to give you maximum performance and reliability.

A guarantee of quality
The keyword for Fulcrum's products is: traceable.
If you find a little label attached to any Fulcrum® product, do not remove it. It will provide you a guarantee in case of an ascertained defectiveness of a production batch, and so the component needed or wheel will be traceable.
All this because, devoted to its mission, Fulcrum® demands the absolute perfection and safety for its customers.

AFS Axle System™
The Axial Fixing System™ is the solution developed by Fulcrum® to fix the disc brake to the hub. The constraint granted by the butt area of the release mechanism, greater than in familiar standard ones, makes it possible to obtain greater structural rigidity and therefore more precise and powerful braking.

2-Way Fit Ready
The evolution of tubeless in a rim for racing or mountain bikes.
Fulcrum rim profile ensures perfect compatibility with tubeless-ready tires after quick easy transformation.
They have combined the advantages of tires without inner tubes, lower rolling resistance and better ground grip on bends—in other words, improved steering, true response and increased comfort.
The transformation calls for tape and tubeless valves, and a sealant must be used.


  • HH15 front axle adapters.
  • User's Guide.

Not included

  • Wheel bags.
  • Thru axles.
  • Tyres.
Front wheel spokes 24 Rim width 23c Hub material Aluminium Rim material Aluminium Rim profile 24 mm Version Tubeless ready Disc rotor Center lock Front wheel real weight 794 g Rear wheel spokes 24 Rim width 23c Hub material Aluminium Rim material Aluminium Rim profile 24 mm Version Tubeless ready Disc rotor Center lock Rear wheel real weight 920 g