Fulcrum Campagnolo N3W 13S-12S kit for sealed bearings KIT-N3WSTD LordGun online bike store

This kit allows you to modify the compatibility of Fulcrum wheels (with 12x142mm hub, equipped with sealed bearings system and 30mm rack and pinion system), allowing you to fit a dedicated N3W freehub body and thus make these wheels compatible with the 13S cassette of the Campagnolo Ekar groupset.


  • N3W 13S Freehub body.
  • Gravel service kit.
  • Hub axle for sealed bearings.
  • Left axle cover.
  • Right locking nut.

For the compatibility of the product, please refer to spare parts catalogues by checking the manufacturer product code. The wheel model is not sufficient pieces of information to guarantee the correct compatibility due to the large amount of similar but not compatible products.