Fizik Powerstrap Aeroweave shoes

Vento Powerstrap Aeroweave, designed and engineered to perform on paved roads, from the smoothest tarmac to the most demanding pave

A lightweight, ultra-breathable road cycling shoe built from an innovative, net-like material paired with a full-carbon outsole for unrivalled ventilation and race-ready responsiveness. With its innovative second-generation Aeroweave upper, Powerstrap Aeroweave is a straight up racing shoe: the lightest and most breathable in the range, built with a high-tenacity net-like structure coupled with our stiffest carbon outsole.

The pursuit of reducing weight and increasing ventilation while maintaining support and protection led our designers and engineers to develop an entirely new material: Aeroweave. Now in its second generation, Aeroweave woven fabric interlaces nylon fibers with filaments of thermoplastic polymers for an even lighter shoe that doesn’t lose its original tenacity, providing the strength and support required in competition.

While most traditional Velcro closures simply pull together both sides of the shoe’s upper, in the Vento Powerstrap configuration, a ribbon wraps around the foot, providing secure containment using just two straps. The instep and the midfoot are separately adjustable for customized fit and compression, and now, these straps have been streamlined to make them even lighter and stronger.

R3 outsole
Vento Powerstrap Aeroweave also features an entirely new outsole, the R3, engineered with an updated carbon fiber layup and new design to save weight without compromising stiffness. With an index of 10, the R3 is a stiff outsole providing optimal power transfer. Two wide vent inlets and deep internal channelling enable a cooling airflow, contributing to temperature management. Aligned with latest bike fitting trends, the R3 outsole offers a recessed cleat positioning, the same as all of the most recent fizik models, to optimize pedalling efficiency and reduce knee compression, especially well suited to very aggressive, forward aero positions.


  • Aeroweave upper: extremely breathable, high-tenacity net-like structure
  • Powerstrap: foot-wrapping Velcro closure designed for an enveloping fit
  • R3 outsole: full carbon outsole, stiffness index 10
  • Real weight: 211 g (US 9 1/2)