DT Swiss XRC 1501 Spline One 25 Carbon 29" Boost Tubeless Ready wheelset

XRC 1501 Spline One - Made for modern XC tracks - a 240 hub surrounded by a 30 mm carbon rim - super fast!

Tailored to the needs of performance orientated cross country riders, the XRC 1501 SPLINE ONE leaves nothing to be desired. The light 30 mm wide carbon rims offer ideal support for modern XC tires. Rolling on race proven and super durable 240 hubs with RATCHET EXP freehub system every bit of your energy is transferred into forward motion via equally racy double butted spokes and a perfect wheel build.

Why Wide?
A wider rim provides improved tire support which allows lower pressure and leads to less rolling resistance on rough tracks.
Cross Country wheels are made to be fast and this makes it necessary to reduce resistance where possible. On a rough surface, rolling resistance can be up to 69 % of total resistance.
Rolling resistance is defined as: rolling resistance coefficient x weight x gravitational acceleration. Whereas the coefficient is defined by the wheel size; tire section; tire characteristics, tire pressure, tread, soil.
While most of those factors cannot be influenced by the wheel, we can modify the tire support.
A wider rim provides improved tire support which allows lower pressure and leads to less rolling resistance on rough tracks.
During cornering, lateral forces occur which act on the tire. The tire’s contact patch moves in the opposite direction to the lateral force.
When riding through a corner with a narrow rim, the tire’s contact patch is no longer above the flange of the narrow rim. The tire is no longer supported by the rim and folds, resulting in an unstable riding experience. This folding creates tension over the tire which pulls on the opposite bead and causes a loss of air between the tire bead and the rim bed, so called tire burping.
The tire contact patch of the wide rim is inside the rim flanges. The side wall of the tire is supported by the wide rim which increases control. A wider rim can therefore be ridden with lower air pressure than a narrower rim.
A wheel with low tire pressure will roll better over rough surfaces than a wheel with high pressure, as the tire can adapt better to the ground. A wheel with high air pressure cannot absorb obstacles and the bike must move upwards, comparable to lifting work, which increases rolling resistance. Less air pressure leads to less fatigue, because as a rider you also have less lifting work to do.


  • Rim type: Clincher.
  • Inner width: 30 mm.
  • Outer width: 36 mm.
  • Recommended system weight max.: 110 kg.
  • Decal type: Waterslide.
  • Hub Type: DT Swiss 240.
  • Built-in dimension: 110 mm boost (front) / 148 mm boost (rear).
  • Freehub body: SRAM XD MTB (ASRAM)
  • Freehub system: Ratchet EXP 36
  • Nipples: DT ProLock Squorx ProHead alu
  • Spokes: DT competition® race straightp
  • Spoke pattern: 3-cross (1:1)
  • Real Weight: 738 g (front) /  828 g (rear).
  • ASTM classification: 3.


Tubeless ready DT Swiss rims have further advantages over conventional rims. The design of their cross section allows for the tyre to easily pop in place when inflated, and more often than not a standard floor pump is all that‘s needed. Also the elaborate profile of DT Swiss rims ensures a precise and safe fit of the tyre even when ridden hard.

Ratchet exp

  • Simple maintenance: DT Swiss hubs are also known for the notool technology. DT Swiss also found a way to further improve this system and make maintenance even simpler, by a small change of the endcaps.
  • Freehub body conversion: Simplified due to easier disassembly.
  • Less Weight: Not only the reliability improved. The fusion of ratchet and threaded ring reduces the number of single parts of the system what offers an important advantage.
  • Less Wear: A single cylindrical spring ensures faster full engagement and thus increases reliability
  • Superior Reliability: The full engagement of the ratchets creates a large contact surface and therefore low surface pressure that leads to superior reliability.
  • Increased Bearing Lifetime: The integration of the bearing into the threaded ring allows the bearing distance to be maximized. The increased distance further supports the axis, which results in less deflection of the axle and thus protects the bearings and increases their lifetime.

Pro Lock® is a process where a patented, dual compound, adhesive liquid is injected into the nipple thread, allowing for extremely durable wheel builds. By threading the nipple onto the spoke the adhesive is activated and starts to harden. Retruing the wheel is still possible after the adhesive has hardened completely, with only a minimal decrease of its thread-lock function.

Engagement Angle
A hotly discussed topic in the market right now - engagement angle! What is the engagement angle, how does this angle affect riding performance and is the conventional wisdom "the more the better" really always better?
The engagement angle is the maximum degree that the freehub body can rotate until the teeth of the freewheel system engage and accelerate the hub. This angle is calculated by dividing 360º by the number of engagement points of the freewheel system.
DT Swiss still believe that a system with 36 points of engagement represents the best optimization within this three dimensional perspective in terms of reliability, weight and points of engagement.

DT Swiss’s classic straight pull system, a great balance between stiffness, comfort, low weight and easy serviceability, ideal for everyday road or mixed terrain use and uses readily available standard straight-pull spokes.


  • Tubeless tape 32 mm.
  • x2 TL valve alu black 18-25 mm.
  • x2 IS 6-bolt adapter MTB.
  • Shimano Micro Spline freehub kit .
Front wheel spokes 28 Rim material Carbon Hub material Aluminium Rim width 30 mm Rim profile 25 mm Disc rotor Center lock Rear wheel spokes 28 Rim material Carbon Hub material Aluminium Rim width 30 mm Rim profile 25 mm Disc rotor Center lock