Challenge Strada Pro 28" tyre

The Strada is Challenge's go to tire for long days on the road. This all-condition tire combines a round profile that takes the sting out of rough pavement with a construction that provides maximum control and low rolling resistance.


  • Casing: SuperPoly.
  • Bead Type: Aramid.
  • PPS Flat Protection.
  • High-end handmade.
  • 300 TPI.


Challenge Handmade

Handmade tires combine many attributes to create the most comfortable and low rolling resistance tires. Handmade Clincher tires perform better than any vulcanized tubeless system! The HTLR is molded flat. This shape allows the casing to naturally deform over surface imperfections and minimize rolling resistance.


The Puncture Protection Strip is a special fabric placed between a tire's tread and casing to increase resistance to punctures.