Anderson React 20 sachets orange flavor integrator


REACT is a supplement that allows to have immediate and prolonged energy in the time, thanks to a balanced formula in which simple and complexes carbohydrates interact with synergy. Taurine and Carnitine, cooperating with Vitamins and Minerals, make available and easily usable the energy furnished by the carbohydrates, particularly from Vitargo. It allows, therefore, to mobilize the fats using them at energetic purpose. Besides, the good mixture of minerals makes REACT suitable especially in the aerobic sports, where the losses of liquids are notable and it is not possible restoring them only with water.

The Taurine is an amino acid whose first ability is to improve the oxygen exchange between blood and tissues, this means that there is a greater presence of oxygen useful for the mobilization and the combustion of the fatty acids, allowing a saving of glycogen and the possibility to maintain for a longer time the energies. Besides, it reduces the sense of fatigue and tiredness, maintaining high the sense of waking and of answer to the stimulus, particularly important during the trainings. Among the possible benefits of the Taurine for the sportsmen, there is an improvement of the muscular contractility and the physical recovery and an increase of the cardiac performance during the exercise. Taurine cooperates in these assignments with the Acetyl L-Carnitine, that helps to restore the production of aerobic energy and to metabolize the fat acids. Since the L-Carnitine facilitates the passage of the long chain lipids inside the mitochondria and since the oxidation of the lipids produces energy, its ingestion can improve the performances and lower the levels of the triglycerides. It is particularly useful when, with the advancing age, the production of energy reduces to 60% for the diminution of the mitochondrial activity.

INDICATIONS: source of immediately available energy, it reduces the absorption of fats, lowers the triglycerides, reinstates the losses of minerals and vitamins, is useful against the sport anaemia.

TASTE: red orange

WAY OF USE : 1 little packet a day diluted in 500 ml of water.