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Pumps & repair


$ 26.27
Height 660mmSteel body 34mm diameter Pressure gauge for easy viewing Precision drawn steel barrel Sturdy barrel-welded-on-steel base Max pressure 160psi / 11 bar TAIPEI CYCLE d&i AWARDS 2013


$ 72.60
Designed to reach high-pressure with minimal effort, the Air Tool HP Floor Pump requires 30% less effort than traditional floor pumps to reach 100 PSI in a 700 C tyre. Features 2.5" (64 mm) ove...


$ 99.67
The performance in your hands! Features CNC alumiunm body. Huge solid base. Wooden handle. High polish finished. Reversible Head for Schrader and Presta. Easy for air fork and rear sh...


from $ 57.94
The performance in your hands! Features CNC aluminium body. Huge solid base. Reversible Head for Schrader and Presta. Easy-to-read gauge. Pump height: 65 cm. Max pressure: 16 bar / 22...


$ 11.76
Floor pump in steel Big stable base and handle with anti slide inserts Fits all types of valves Spinta Max 120 PSI / 8 Bar Clip for easy storing.


$ 47.18
The Lezyne Sport Floor Drive is a high pressure floor pump that features a steel barrel and piston, a varnished wood handle, and a molded Composite Matrix base. It is equipped with ball/bladder ada...


$ 29.82
The Topeak Joe Blow Max HP foot pump has high inflation power thanks to its effective double head, which allows air to pass from a Schrader valve to a Presta or Dunlop valve very quickly. This item...


from $ 43.43
One name reins above all others in the world of track pumps – JoeBlow from Topeak. These pumps are packed with features and built to last. It features a SmartHead™ with air release button that all...


$ 65.86
A machined, professional grade floor pump. Durable machined aluminum base with a steel barrel and piston. Oversized 3.5-inch precision gauge. Extra long, high-strength hose with aluminum couplers....


from $ 29.02
A lightweight, machined hand pump for high volume tires. Lightweight, CNC machined aluminum barrel, piston and handle. Efficient and compact overlapping handle optimized for high volume applicatio...

Effetto Mariposa

$ 14.25
Caffélatex Tubeless Tape Replacing standard rim-tape, Caffélatex Tubeless Tape perfectly adapts to rim internal profile and makes standard rims air-tight, sealing spoke holes.It allows tubeless co...

Stans No Tubes

from $ 4.61
The product that started a Tubeless Revolution. Inside this simple black bottle is a product that changed cycling. Today's tubeless systems rely on the lighter, more reliable, self-sealing perfor...

Stans No Tubes

$ 42.11
If you've walked the mechanics' pits at any National or International level event, chances are you've seen them: trademark Stan's black quart bottles with no labels. Look closer and you might have ...


$ 13.14
An ultra compact tubeless tyre repair kit.Ultra compact polypropylene case. Kit includes machined aluminum T-handle with combined reamer and insertion tool and five tyre plugs. Features Kit inc...


$ 36.04
The Sahmurai Sword is an easy-to-use, simple-to-store and, most importantly, safe, way of carrying a tubeless plug system on your mountain bike. Built into what are essentially bar-plugs, the syste...

OneUp Components

$ 42.50
The EDC Plug & Pliers Kit is the perfect addition to the EDC tool system. The tyre plug Jabber Tool threads directly into the EDC carrier (sold separately). The new Quick Link Breaker Pliers ar...

J Sport

$ 2.51
Tube repair kit.Included:n°6 Patches.n°1 Scraper.n°1 Cement 10 ml.


$ 5.67
Inflates and repairs all type of tyres with or without inner tubes. It does not damage the inner tube. Compatible with Presta/Schrader/Regina/Dunlop valveQuantity: 100 mlSize: Ø 38 mm x H 170 mmRe...


from $ 20.45
Small, but powerful mini pump with CO2 Inflator integrated construction makes more convenient for the bikers. Features Barrel: Aluminium. Max pressure: 160psi / 11bar. Size: 21x36x130 mm. ...

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