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Juice Lubes

from $ 13.06
Tough and long lasting, Bearing Juice is a water-battling low temperature grease for bits and peices that needs to move in all weather conditions Bearing Juice is a tough-as-nails grease that’s sp...


$ 11.76
Litium ptfe race Waterproof grease consists of refined mineral oil fortified with special antioxidant agents, additives for extreme pressures that provide excellent performance even in demanding c...


$ 35.51
Bio Grease has been specifically designed for bicycle use, Muc-Off Bio Grease possesses a unique formula that prevents corrosion and water ingress and also reduces friction so your bike’s component...


from $ 8.05
Long-term grease for bicycles Fluorescent yellow calcium-based grease with remarkable and durable lubricating properties. Motorex Bike Grease 2000 is a highly water-repellent, extremely pressure-r...


from $ 10.50
Motorex White Grease is a lithium based grease ideal for bearings, hubs and any parts in movement. Resists ageing and has good adhesion properties. It is characterized by excellent stability for hi...


$ 21.58
Assembly compound for carbon. Ideal for assembling parts made of carbon and aluminium - saddle rods, pedals, brackets, etc. Provides effective protection against contact corrosion. Makes it easy to...


$ 13.06
Viscous grease spray with good adhesion, as an alternative to brushing application. Resistant to water and saline solution. Good protection against corrosion and wear. Double diffuser. Capacit...


$ 3.83
FSA installation compound for carbon (and aluminum) components like seatposts, handlebars etc.Higher friction through special micro particles.Clamping torque can be lowered up to 30%. Protects from...


$ 15.85
Copper paste for high temperature application, protects against corrosion, freezing-up and bondings. Features Prevents disc brake squealing. Temperature range: from -40°C to +1200 °C. Capacit...


$ 12.48
Water resistant grease consists of refined mineral oil additive with particular antioxidant agents, extreme pressure additive that provide excellent performance even in demanding situations and ant...


$ 9.23
Specific bottom bracket waterproof grease.Optimized viscosity and enriched with stable additives. Tube of 100g.


$ 9.50
GREASE E-G02+ High quality paraffin-based lithium greaseTG02+ convenient nozzleLong lastingReduces wearLow friction formulaProtects against rustHighly water resistantFor lubricating pedals, hubs, ...

Park Tool

$ 9.89
Park Tool’s poly-urea lubricant was developed specifically for bicycle maintenance and repair. PolyLube 1000 has an extremely high shear strength to protect vital parts under extreme conditions. Po...

Park Tool

$ 19.66
Proprietarily blended specifically for bicycles and bicycle bearings. Features Superior adherence and extended lubrication life Extreme temperature range: -20°F to 540°F (-29°C to 282°C) Hi...

Morgan Blue

$ 48.71
Competition Campa grease is a complex grease, fortified with polymers and selected additives to obtain an extremely high gliding capacity (wheels spin without resistance). Campa grease has been esp...

Morgan Blue

$ 11.61
Carbon Assembly Paste ensures that high-quality carbon, aluminium or steel parts, like seat post or pedals, can be assembled without difficulty. Because of its adhesive effect the tightening torque...


$ 18.55
Tunap bearing grease protects moving parts of the bicycle for long periods and absorb a great deal of moisture and therefore avoids damaging corrosion and its repellent features guarantee long-last...


$ 4.88
Grease Lithium grade 2, the Pro II Grease is waterproof and heat resistant. Suitable for daily professional use, it provides an excellent anti-wear protection. Ideal for bearings, headset, bottom b...


$ 8.45
Multifunctional Wag grease with great lubricating power. This grease provides optimal resistance against high exercise pressures and thanks to its thin degree it ensures an incredible protection fr...


$ 9.23
High performance grease! This special 20 ml grease is suited for seals and bushings of Rock Shox suspension forks, rear shocks, Reverb Vario seatpost and Sram hubs. It reduces friction effectively.


$ 10.10
High performance grease! This special 29 ml grease is suited for seals and bushings of Rock Shox suspension forks, rear shocks, Reverb Vario seatpost and Sram hubs. It reduces friction effectively.

Juice Lubes

$ 17.15
A smuttily named anti-seize paste that keeps your bits moving free and easy. For anything that needs to stick and then come unstuck AAS Juice will keep your bits moving freely and make workshop ti...

Juice Lubes

$ 15.83
A little pot of disaster aversion for your carbon bits. Slop a dollop of Carbon Juice on carbon bits to kill creakiness, banish over-tightening and bid farewell to slips and poor grip Carbon juice...

Effetto Mariposa

$ 1.71
A torque wrench is sometimes not enough when dealing with carbon parts, especially if those parts refuse to stay in place when tightened respecting the recommended torque values. Carbogrip is the ...

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