Sportful Supergiara bibtights

If it doesn’t fit in your jersey, it will fit here

For gravel roads and long adventures, you need way more stuff with you. So why not have more pockets? The new SuperGiara Bibtight will help you manage your essential items, and maximum comfort is guaranteed by a seat pad specifically designed for gravel roads.
The bibtight is made with different fabrics on the side panels, allowing for an almost painted-on fit. It’s as if BodyFit took a detour on a gravel road. Perfect protection for winter rides.


  • Additional side pocket.
  • Thermal stretch fabric to bottom of calf.
  • Double thickness on knee to keep joints warm.
  • Lighter fabric at bottom of leg and mesh bibs for optimum fit and light weight.
  • DMS seat pad specifically designed for gravel rides.

Temperature range: + 5° C.


  • Windproofing: 3/.
  • Waterproofing: 3/5.
  • Insulation: 3/5.
  • Breathability: 3/5.


A brand new pad specifically designed for dirty roads, when different densities on the pas male the real difference. The open-cell foam padding is fast in the drying process. The pad is lighter and also short in lenght, as it is developed for a more erect bike drive, just like on dirt and gravel roads.