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Scott Cadence Plus Mips helmet

Scott Cadence Plus Mips helmet Scott Cadence Plus Mips helmet Scott Cadence Plus Mips helmet Scott Cadence Plus Mips helmet
Scott Cadence Plus Mips helmet
Scott Cadence Plus Mips helmet
Scott Cadence Plus Mips helmet
Scott Cadence Plus Mips helmet

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The Cadence Plus, get your head in the game!

The Cadence Plus was designed and developed for the world class road racers and triathletes. It was leveraged the extensive aerodynamic expertise to make one of the fastest and best ventilated helmets in its class. This was achieved through optimization of airflow on both the outside and the inside of the helmet. MIPS with Scott Air technology provides the benefits of a MIPS brain protection system and features a unique construction to further enhance ventilation.


  • Aero Optimized.
  • MIPS® Brain Protection System with Scott Air Technology.
  • Optimized ventilation.
  • X-Static® anti-bacterial padding.
  • Aero plugs included. 
  • Fit system: Halo.


MIPS Brain Protection
MIPS is a low friction layer inside the helmet which allows the head to rotate relative to the helmet in an angled impact. This substantially reduces rotational violence and the potential for damage to the brain. Collaborating with some of the world's leading neurosurgeons and experts, MIPS® has established that when you fall, your head most often hits the ground at an angle, creating a rotational shock to the brain. This rotational shock can cause strain in your brain. A helmet with MIPS® absorbs much of that rotational energy, offering you better protection. And if, against all the odds, you do fall vertically onto your head, a Scott helmet with MIPS® will protect you just as well as an ordinary helmet.

Aero optimized
Scott engineers worked with Team Orica-GreenEdge to determine a clear set of objectives when designing a Split Aero helmet. The team asked for a helmet with the lowest drag coefficient possible, an advenced optical solution, a fully integrated visor, a dynamic ventilation system, and of course an adjustable, comfortable fit so that was done with success!

Optimized venting
Strategically placed outer vents connects to extensive inner cooling channels.

PC In-Mould construction
During the in-mould manufacturing process, the outer shell of polycarbonate material is fused with the helmet’s impact absorbent foam liner, creating a super lightweight outer shell. With reduced weight and bulk surrounding the head, in-mould helmets are more comfortable than traditional helmets.

Halo Fit system
The top of the line Halo Fit System provides ease of adjustability and unparallelled comfort. Easily find the perfect height of the rear ergonomic cradle while the helmet is on your head and dial in the perfect pressure using the beautifully engineered micro adjustment dial. The result is the best feeling helmet ever, a helmet which adapts to your head shape and leaves you feeling secure and focusing on the ride.

MIPS with Scott Air technology
At Scott the mission is to protect your head. While the focus on the Centric Plus and Cadence Plus was to bring next level cooling and speed to bike helmets, we never lost focus on protection. The integrated MIPS® Brain Protection System brings the latest in safety technology while the Scott Air technology, a unique construction of the MIPS® system using micro perforations, adds breathability and enhanced cooling – the results are rather impressive.

For more than 2,000 years, silver has been used for its antimicrobial properties in everything from drinking vessels to military field dressings. Now, with their superior technology, X-Static® delivers the benefits of silver to textiles, and for Scott in particular to helmet paddings. This allows Scott helmets to offer best in class antimicrobial and anti-odor performance.


  • CE/EN 1078

In box

  • Helmet bag.
  • Aero plugs.


Head circumference (cm) 51-55 55-59 59-61


Head circumference (in) 20"-21.75" 21.75"-23.25" 23.25"-24"
Product code 250026-6176008
Real weight 360 g
Construction In-mold
Vents 8

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