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Qik EVO Silver Winter Warm base layer

Qik EVO Silver Winter Warm base layer Qik EVO Silver Winter Warm base layer Qik EVO Silver Winter Warm base layer Qik EVO Silver Winter Warm base layer Qik EVO Silver Winter Warm base layer
Qik EVO Silver Winter Warm base layer
Qik EVO Silver Winter Warm base layer
Qik EVO Silver Winter Warm base layer
Qik EVO Silver Winter Warm base layer
Qik EVO Silver Winter Warm base layer

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Q2 yarn with FIR that stimulates micro blood circulation, QThermo with hollow fibers that thermally insulate and Puresilver antibacterial, anti-odor, anti-static, with high thermal conductivity. An evolution of the Warm jersey: it differs in Puresilver and higher density 3D structures in the chest and back area that facilitate breathability.
Made with the best technologies and designed with denser/thicker fibers for cold weather conditions, this jersey provides the first layer of skin contact that helps keep the body dry and at the right temperature. Suitable for both training and competition, it prevents cooling during rest or recovery and overheating during efforts. This is possible thanks to the particular three-dimensional structure of the fabric that favors the evaporation of sweat from the inside to the outside, preserving body heat and dissipating the excess. In the areas of greater perspiration, are integrated knit workings with differentiated thickness. Comfortable and stable during movements, the jersey and its temperature regulating panels fit perfectly to the body remaining in their position without moving or rising.


  • Stealth: every structure, yarn, technology have been inserted trying to minimize the impact on the design of the jersey. A style as clean as possible without sacrificing performance.+
  • NoSeam: single tube with no seams, a source of irritation due to friction and chafing.
  • Ergo Neck: soft fabric collar that wraps around the neck without choking.
  • Body Fix Moving: inserts, elasticity and length of fabric calibrated according to the yarns used. This allows the jersey to stay in its position leaving freedom of movement.
  • Mid Comp: medium compression, adheres to the body without being uncomfortable.
  • Flex Zones: fabric structure differentiated between inside and outside elbow area. This allows the fabric to follow the movement of the arms.
  • No-Sweat-Arm: inner arm area with differentiated fabric structure to promote the perspiration of excess sweat to the outside.
  • No-Sweat-Abd: abdomen area with differentiated fabric structure to maintain warmth and promote the evaporation of excess moisture.
  • No-Sweat-Back: inner back area with differentiated fabric structure to promote perspiration.
  • 3D: integrated and distributed processing and weaves with differentiated thickness. Between the skin and the fabric creates flows and air cushions that respectively cool and insulate regulating the temperature.


Q2 Fiber

Q2 yarn is a polyamide based on FIR, Far Infrared Rays. The body’s heat is absorbed through the bioactive minerals (active bioceramic crystals) contained in the fibers and is naturally returned to the surface layer of the skin in the form of distant, harmless and imperceptible infrared rays, which penetrate the skin, stimulating blood microcirculation and improving athletic performance (if you wear the garment 30 minutes before the activity) and accelerating muscle recovery (if you wear the garment at least 6 hours after the sport exercise). A patented technology, scientifically tested through internationally recognized protocols and conducted by independent laboratories. Incorporated in the fiber, it maintains its effectiveness, even after an unlimited number of washes. Certified OEKO-TEX® CLASS I is safe to use.


The Puresilver technology consists in the application of a nylon wire with 99.9% pure silver incorporated, whose properties have been verified by clinical tests carried out by several universities (State of Pennsylvania, Cornell, New York, Namsa and Tokai) and used by the special forces USA, NASA, Olympic athletes and in the medical field. It is not a chemical product nor a nanotechnology, but simply silver whose properties will remain even after several washing cycles (tested on 250), being irreversibly bonded to a polymer, all in one with the fiber and not treated superficially. Soft and flexible, it eliminates bacteria, fungus and consequently bad smells that arise in combination with sweat (reduction of up to 99.9% in 1h). Due to the catalyst effect, the higher the heat and humidity, the more effective it is. Sweat, in combination with air, oxidizes silver which releases positive ions attracted by negatively charged bacteria. By entering the cell membrane, they attack the DNA, inhibiting proliferation and mutation. It has a thermoregulatory function and thanks to its thermal conductivity that allows to dissipate excess heat. Antistatic, it absorbs and neutralizes surface electrostatic charges.


Multifilament elastic fiber, soft to the touch, which ensures freedom of movement and adaptability to the body. It keeps the body warm and dry thanks to the thermal insulation created by the hollow core between its filaments and the principle of capillarity that transports moisture to the outside where it evaporates. It is an intelligent fabric that regulates itself supporting the thermoregulation even in extreme climatic conditions.


Size 44-48 50-54
A Chest (cm) 87-98 99-110
B Waist (cm) 75-86 87-100
D Hips (cm) 93-102 102-110
For the correct garment treatment, please follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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