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EthicSport Recupero dietary supplement

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Support the physiological processes of physical and muscular recovery. Recupero® acts by supporting the regeneration of the energy transport system (ADP-ATP) and provides the nutrients necessary to facilitate muscular adaptation (anabolism). Creatine helps to speed up the recovery process in all sports, especially those sports with high anaerobic demands, or requiring frequent repetitions of highly-intense efforts. Creatine absorption is improved by the presence of carbohydrates and metabolic co-factors in the Recupero® formula.

Recupero® provides the body with vitamins and minerals important for effective functioning of the metabolic processes of energy production and muscular contraction, thus promoting a more rapid recovery process. Recupero® contains the amino-acid arginine pyroglutamate, which is necessary for numerous metabolic processes. Arginine is an important precursor for the endogenous production of creatine and assists with the excretion of nitrogenous waste. Free amino-acids assist with the physiological process of muscular anabolism. Availability of these amino acids is particularly important following medium- or long–duration exercise, exercise which may result in muscle catabolism due to the utilisation of amino acids as a source of fuel when carbohydrate sources are scarce. This product supplies the body with a source of Iron along with Vitamin B12, Folic Acid and Vitamin C, therefore providing with a more effective utilization of iron. Iron is involved in cellular energy production, and suboptimal iron status is a common finding in endurance athletes, especially in women.
Recupero® also contains ornithine α-ketoglutarate, which in conjunction with lysine, arginine and branched chain amino acids, favours the physiological processes of muscular anabolism.

Recupero® is scientifically formulated to maximize the recovery process during the post-training and post-competition period. It is suitable for all sports, both aerobic and anaerobic. It reduces the effect of the catabolic phase, while enhancing the anabolic processes, therefore providing ergogenic to muscle growth and strength. Recupero® also facilitates the rapid regeneration of cellular energy and nutrient stores, while also facilitating the disposal of exercise catabolites; both important processes in the recovery period.

Instructions for use
It's recommended to consume the product at least 15-30 minutes post-exercise. Use 1 stick (in 250-300 ml of water) following medium-duration exercise. Use 2 sticks (in 400-500 ml of water) following intense, prolonged exercise.

  • Quantity: 20 x 16.5 g sticks.
Product code RECUN
Nutritional information 100 g
Fat 0,01 g
Of which saturated 0,01 g
Carbohydrates 69,19 g
Fibres 0,16 g
Proteins 0 g
Salt 1,91 g
Vitamin b6 3 mg
Vitamin b2 2,34 mg
Calcium 667 mg
L-leucine 1,51 g
L-isoleucine 750 mg
L-valine 0,75 g
L-alanine 1,51 g
L-arginine 0,91 g
L-glycine 0,6 g
Taurine 490 mg
Ornithine 150 mg
Iron 30 mg
Zinc 21 mg
Creatine 1,5 g
L-lysine 606 mg
Glutamine 454 mg
L-glutamic acid 454 mg

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